Art is indeed for everyone to enjoy; it enriches our lives. But tastes certainly differ among individuals and what kind of art one prefers can usually be determined within a matter of seconds. You know when you either love it or hate it and doesn't take very long to make the determination.
I can explain what I do and what I think about when I produce my art, but ultimately the experience is always intended to be a visual one. As such, I feel my art should not be dependent on any verbal explanation or justification. Also, it is necessary to point out here that in my opinion, matters of social and political importance are better debated, discussed and written about rather than trying to deal with them as subject matter for my art.
This attitude may in itself stir controversy about the role of art but in my opinion these matters are truly abstract and cultural and as such do not translate well into the picture plane. I choose instead to focus on more primal and sensuous concepts that deal with the human experience on a more perceptual level.
For those who may find it of interest, the following text will provide a summary of what my rational is behind what it is that I produce.
At its foundation, my work is usually based on a linear element that is derived from my line drawings. On a rare occasion I will sometimes utilize my own photograph if I think the visual content has merit or interest. The compositions will often suggest an object that may or may not seem familiar to the viewer, often challenging the eye and mind to establish or fix an identity.
In this sense, one may say the work is surreal. There is usually a feeling of depth to the picture plane. This depth may be very minimal (as in a sculptural relief) or on the other extreme, having as much depth as that which is found in a landscape.
The objective in the work may be an expression that deals with a theme that is as simple as a visual fantasy of organic forms, to a complicated work with layer upon layer of geometric forms found in an urban landscape.
Other images represented here attempt to deal with a theme of "manufactured" vs. "grown". Light or even paranormal energy (for those of a more scientific bend read ultraviolet, infrared, gamma, radar, whatever wavelength that is beyond our immediate senses) may even be implied in certain contextual situations. These images tend to be the most complicated and far-reaching in that they are not only dealing with a sense of place in the picture plane but there is an attempt to express something about an "event" or experience.
The more rational side or theory behind my work is found in the divisions that describe the three categories of work; these are the Absolute, Continuum, and Phenomenon Series. These terms have been used based on definitions in the philosophical sense of the word. Further explanation of what constitutes this division and the theory behind them can be found in each gallery.
As stated above however, there is no verbal substitute for the primary value that should be derived from the work. It is the visual experience itself and depending on the individual, it may or may not be a meaningful one.
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